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Operator Training and Preventative Training Program

Slitting problems that are not corrected will lead to excessive waste, customer complaints, reduced product marketability and lower product profitability. Understanding the fundamentals of the slitting process is the key to troubleshooting when problems are being experienced.

Converters Grinding Service & Supply offers a comprehensive operator training program aimed at improving the overall quality of your finished rolls and product profitability by helping you and your operators understand the fundamentals of shear slitting.

The basic elements of shear slitting covered in the training program are as follows:
  • Methods of Slitting
  • Shear Slitting
  • Blade Profile
  • Mounting Geometry
  • Slitter Setup
  • Depth and Side Pressure
  • Overspeed (Web Speed vs. Slitter Speed)
  • Run-out
  • Knife Wear
  • Blade Life and Sharpness
Most slitting problems can be solved by understanding the fundamentals and controlling the basic elements of shear slitting.